We recognise the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and the goals of our clients and the contracts we work on.

In addition to a number of our solutions being significantly more environmentally friendly compared to some more traditional methods, we have taken a number of steps to reduce our operational impact, and this is something we continue to build on. 

Below are a number of positive steps taken to date.


Our premises are solar power assisted and we support hybrid (office & home) working, using online meeting systems (MS Teams et al) to reduce unnecessary travel.

Our bespoke document system, used from tender submission through to final invoice on contracts, is paperless.


The vehicle fleet uses Euro 6 Diesel engines and we have started to introduce Electric / Hybrid Vehicles where practicable. 

We also operate Driver Environmental Behavioural Awareness training in line with FORS Standards. 

We moved to refillable LPG units to reduce waste and the impact on our carbon footprint from unnecessary deliveries. 


Recycled materials are used in a number of our in-house manufactured materials, and we use low melt packaging for hot materials – avoiding waste and reducing CO2.


On site preparation of materials from a pre-formulated source also reduces waste by targeting requirements at the point of delivery – we make to order to prevent waste.

We also buy our materials in bulk which then go into silos to reduce the fuel used, carbon footprint and waste packaging involved with multiple deliveries.

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