Roadtechs is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of Specialist Surface Treatment Systems in the UK. We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance solutions for road, rail, docks, airports, bridges, and other built environments. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, our wide range of proprietary products and solutions are delivered in the way that best meets the needs of the client. We offer rapid response with flexible and highly trained crews who work efficiently to keep disruption to a minimum and deliver a first-class surface for the client and end customer.

Our Surface Extension Treatments (SET) offer penetrative, restorative, and durable solutions to enable the lifecycle extension of existing ‘good’ roads. Extending the life of a road network provides financial, operational, environmental and safety benefits.

Surface Extension Treatments

Penetrative, restorative, and durable solutions to enable the lifecycle extension of existing ‘good’ roads

Concrete Carriageway Rehabilitation

Cost-effective and longer-lasting pavement rehabilitation using Fine Milling & Techcrete repairs

Cracks and Joints

Effective solutions to treat all types of joint and cracking issues, including BBA certified and HAPAS approved products

Pothole and Patch Repairs

Efficient, safe, and speedy repair of potholes and patching surfaces using our hot and cold applied products

Bridge Joints

We offer a selection of bridge expansion joints and have installed a high number of asphaltic plug joints

High Friction / Coloured Surfacing

BBA certified and HAPAS approved Type 1, hot and cold applied high friction surfacing systems

Access Chamber Repairs and Reinstatements

Ironwork replacement system offering improved safety and value by ensuring no repeat visits for maintenance

Decorative Paving and Anti-Slip Treatments

We have a wide range of products which offer a high-quality, durable and decorative finishes

Permanent Pothole Repair Solution

Councils across England were recently allocated funding to fix the equivalent of 10 million potholes across the country. We can assist with our effective pothole solution. Roadpatch MMA is a cold applied permanent pothole repair system specially formulated to offer exceptional durability, skid resistance and the flexibility required to handle thermal cycling. It will not shrink and requires no compaction – removal of dust, debris, dirt and standing water is all that is required before the hole can be filled.