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Pothole and Patch Repairs

We understand the importance of rapidly repairing potholes and patching surfaces on the highway from the perspective of safety, cost, and public perception. Using our hot and cold applied products, we can swiftly reinstate a sound permanent repair ensuring minimum disruption to road users and local residents.

Techscreed & Roadpatch MMA

Techscreed is one of our most versatile products, offering an all-round solution to a multitude of road and maintenance issues from potholes, to patches, surface fretting and cracks.

From potholes up to 60mm in depth to cross-carriageway sized patches, it can be applied by a two-man crew and is quick curing to ensure swift reopening of the route to traffic.

Incorporating a range of high PSV aggregates Techscreed is designed to provide appropriate skid resistance and restore surface texture.

Roadpatch MMA is our high-performance cold applied permanent patch repair material with outstanding durability, rapid installation and resistance to extreme operating conditions.

Pothole and Patch Repairs
Cold Applied Permanent Pothole Repair Product

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