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Cracks and Joints

As the leading specialist crack and joint treatment contractor in the UK, we utilise a range of innovative products and techniques to seal cracks and fill joints in asphalt and concrete to extend the serviceable life of a surface, while reducing longer-term maintenance costs and improving overall safety.

Roadflex & Techscreed

Our range of products offers high quality repairs to cracks on roads, runways, car park areas and other built surfaces, and range from simple overband sealing, to fill and overband seal, inlaid (recess repairs) and saw cut and seal.

Our Roadflex & Techscreed crack and joint repair treatments utilise an overbanding approach which can treat hairline cracks, fatigue and shrinkages on a surface or be applied to larger, dynamic and longitudinal cracks.

Roadflex is also particularly suitable for sealing cracks on existing concrete pavements that are to be overlaid by asphalt, working as a Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI) and is an effective option in prolonging the serviceable life of the pavement.

Techscreed fill and overband sealing treats large cracks of 5-40mm.

All products have year-round application, are quick to install with minimal disruption and no skid hazard and offer excellent adhesion to cement and bitumen bound substrates.

Cracks and Joints
Extend the serviceable life of a surface

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