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Concrete Carriageway Rehabilitation

The traffic volumes on the primary highway networks have increased tremendously over the last 20 years, leading in many instances to earlier-than-expected failures of highway pavements. As an industry, we continue to develop techniques and procedures that will result in cost effective and longer-lasting pavement rehabilitation. Concrete pavements rehabilitation with Fine Milling & Techcrete Repairs is one such technique – ensuring excellent adhesion and extension that maintains high tensile strength and compressive resistance.

Concrete Carriageway Rehabilitation

Our concrete pavements rehabilitation solution / repair product is flexible and is Highways England and TRL approved and recommended.

This solution enables In-situ localised repairs, is versatile in the types of repair possible and is rapid setting so suitable for short duration closures. The high skid resistance restores ride quality and seals the surface from further water ingress.

Techcrete is an excellent solution for concrete pavement maintenance and repairs:
- Joint sealing
- Crack sealing
- Thin bond repairs
- Channel / kerb sealing
- Trench edge sealing
- Access chamber & gully surrounds

Concrete Carriageway Rehabilitation
Highways England and TRL approved

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