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Access Chamber Repairs and Reinstatements

By utilising a unique ironwork replacement system, we can provide improved safety and bring value by ensuring no repeat visits for maintenance.

Durable and cost-effective solution for manhole construction

Ironwork replacement systems are designed to provide a durable and cost-effective solution for manhole construction and maintenance. It overcomes the problems of failed manholes by providing a stress transition zone between the carriageway and the ironwork.

The Roadtechs design incorporates pre-cast concrete units which contain the stresses imposed on the ironworks by braking and turning, yet also allows for the natural flexing of the ironwork.

The system is bespoke, for both manholes and gullies, and is available for non-standard size ironworks.

Suitable for new-build and replacement projects it allows the ironwork within the system to be raised and lowered to accommodate planing and surfacing.

Access Chamber Repairs and Reinstatements
Overcome the problem of failed manholes

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