Our products and services are suitable and proven to assist with repairing and maintaining Aviation Infrastructure with minimum disruption, to meet the exacting standards required. 

Sustainable maintenance of this infrastructure is fundamental to the smooth operation of efficient airports whilst delivering substantial operational, financial, and environmental benefits.




We operate on private, commercial, and military airfields providing solutions on runways, taxiways, hardstandings, road network and car parks applying and installing the following:


Hot applied thin repair system for concrete taxiways, runways and hardstandings. Unlike conventional epoxy or cementitious systems which fail due to de-bonding, fatigue and differential expansion characteristics, the Techcrete range of products are designed to expand and compress with the expansion and contraction of the pavement, without the need to reform joints through the repair. Techcrete produces the ultimate flexible repair to the persistent problem of repairing concrete pavements. This minimises asset downtime and reduce risk to users.

Roadpatch MMA

Innovative Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is our high-performance cold applied permanent pothole repair material with outstanding durability, rapid installation and resistance to extreme operating conditions.

Durapave MMA

Available in a range of colours and surface finishes, is an ideal option for gateways, walkways, area marking and electric vehicle charging points

Saw Cut and Sealing of Joints

As the leading specialist crack and joint treatment contractor in the UK, we utilise a range of innovative products and techniques to seal cracks and fill joints in asphalt and concrete to extend the serviceable life of a surface, while reducing longer-term maintenance costs and improving overall safety.

Marking Materials

A full range of BSI Kitemark licenced thermoplastic marking materials along with innovative MMA, Epoxy and Chloroprene based marking solutions.

Full Depth Repairs

The replacement of damaged, spalled concrete bays by saw cutting to full depth, removal of defective material, replacing with concrete and providing dowel bars and movement joints as required.

Surface Extension Treatments

Our Surface Extension Treatments (SET), Reclamite®, RHiNOPHALT® and CRF Surface Sealant, offer penetrative, restorative, and durable solutions to enable the lifecycle extension of existing ‘good’ roads. All three of our SET solutions provide up to 5 years additional life from the surface and are all repeatable. Extending the life of a road network not only reduces the pressure on maintenance budgets, by offering a substantial whole life cost reduction of up to 40%, it also supports environmental policies and improves public perception.

With no requirement for quarried aggregate, SET offers an efficient and sustainable solution to maintaining the aviation infrastructure.

Please contact us for a consultation to find out how we can assist you with Airfield Maintenance requirements.